Fun at the UMMD Health & Wellness Event

K&B WholeBody Solutions had a great time interacting with UMMD employees at their first health & wellness of 2016! Our interactive exhibit included a comparison of the nutrient density of a K&B meal with the empty calories of a similar meal from "somewhere else". Everyone loved holding the 5-lb fat model and comparing it with the 5-pound muscle model. And of course, who could resist the oh-so-yummy K&B food samples of Honey Dill Chicken Breast and Fresh Guacomole!

We send a huge thank you to Tracy Mendoza and Michelle Leake for your invitation and referral to feature K&B WholeBody Solutions at the UMMD Health & Wellness Fair!


Very interactive experience at the K&B table

Serving up the fresh guac!

Featuring K&B

Met a fellow Spartan Sprinter! We will get our tri-fecta soon :-)



Kendra Adams