K & B Meal Prep Program


How it works:

Consistency breeds results! Stabilizing your meals and nutrition will help you plan your calorie burn more easily.

With our meal prep program,you get to customize your own 10 or 15 meal package of 2 or 3 different meals - how cool is that?! Getting started is easy:

  1. Choose below whether you want 10 meals or 15 meals

  2. Add to cart

  3. Choose the 2 or 3 meals you want!

And you’re ready!! The time savings…huge! The food…delicious and nutritious. The convenience…unmatched!

What You Do:

  • Choose your package

  • Submit future orders when you’re ready. Orders are due Wednesday by 9pm for delivery the following Sunday!

  • Leave a cooler outside for meal drop-off that Sunday

  • Enjoy your convenient, delicious, nutritious meals (you can even freeze them!)

What We Do:

  • Prepare and deliver your fresh, chilled meals

  • Provide excellent customer service. Reach out to us anytime!

Additional information: THERE IS NO COMMITMENT! Order as you go!


*Save time & energy with our easy, convenient fully-prepared meals

*Indulge in delicious, nutritious meals that aid in a healthful lifestyle

*Convenient delivery - Just leave out a cooler, and we will handle the rest!

*Meals are prepared by ServSafe® certified chefs

Meal Prep Package
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Add your package to the cart…then choose the meals you want!

  • For 10-meal packages, choose 2 different meals

  • For 15-meal packages, choose 3 different meals

10 Meals or 15 Meals:
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