Nutrition starts with your groceries...just don't turn around!

My family and I had another awesome, relaxing vacay at Myrtle Beach, SC during Labor Day Week!... but it's finally time to get back to reality.

My refrigerator was looking very sad for the past week and half with not a single food item for me to meal prep; so, I finally made my way to the grocery store.

Have you ever been lost with where to start in your goals to a healthier you? I follow the 80/20 rule - 80% of my health is related to nutrition and the other 20% is related to fitness. A healthy you starts with the groceries that you buy! What does your shopping cart look like? Do you buy fresh produce from the local markets? Even better!


Fill your kitchen with nutrient-dense, delicious food items and you will be more likely to eat them!

Fill your kitchen with nutrient-dense, delicious food items and you will be more likely to eat them!

I, for one, am an advocate for frozen veggies. Yes, the frozen vs. fresh debate will always exist (just google it - the info is readily available!)... I enjoy both! But, I always stock up on frozen veggies because:

  • They last sooo long in the freezer! When I'm in a pinch for veggies, I can open my freezer and voila! Let's get cooking!
  • There can be a cost savings. Shop smart, buy in bulk or on sale!
  • They are nutrient dense!!! Frozen veggies are typically flash frozen at the peak of ripeness, locking in all the nutrient-goodness.

So why not partake in the greatness of frozen veggies, right?

But, for some reason, today, as I was shopping for my awesome frozen veggies, I noticed that they were directly across from ICE CREAM! Was I tempted to purchase the ice cream? Not at all. But I couldn't help but wonder...I'm sure that someone who may be on their journey to health may be shopping for their delicious veggies, turn around, see all the tempting ice cream choices...and then give in!

So when you're shopping at the grocery market, always remember:

  1. Stick to the perimeter of the market. This is where the freshest, least processed food items tend to hang out.....................and............................
  2. When you're shopping for frozen veggies, don't turn around...the ice cream monster is lurking right behind you!




Kendra Adams