A lil inspiration....

Hi everyone. I am the other half of K & B. I am Brittany! I attached my transformation pic as I am going through this journey of becoming a healthier and more fit me! No need to pull out the tiny violins, because I am not going to go thru an entire sob story of my life. I actually have always been a full of life, vigorous, vacationing-all-the-time, family-oriented extrovert! My family nor friends ever made me uncomfortable about my weight, it took my own self-examination to see it was getting out of control, plus the dreaded doctors visit.

Life changing moments was struggling to fit in roller-coaster restraints at amusement parks, being diagnosed pre-hypertensive and pre-diabetic from my doctor.........and of course struggling to find any sort of cute clothes (LOL).   I needed to get serious and quick!  After years of failed attempts, I learned consistency is key along with D E T E R M I N A T I O N. Also a good support system is need. Changing what I ATE and increasing my activitiy level, I am now  -62 LBS and have in-range bloodwork numbers, and I am feeling amazing.

The journey isn't over!! We are all in this together & allow K & B to help you along the way. :)

Be Well,

Brittany A.

Brittany Adams